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Puddle Ducks Yorkshire

Puddle Ducks Yorkshire

Swimming offers your baby a unique sensory experience and development of confidence in water that lasts a lifetime, as well as truly magical one-to-one time for you and your new bundle of joy.
Taught in lovely warm pools, in small class sizes, our classes incorporate rhyme, music and movement based on extensive child development research. We’ve even had our unique class songs written by professional musicians.
We also teach invaluable personal survival skills in our classes, which the children love practicing in our termly pyjama parties!
And although we have spent many years carefully developing our progressive lesson plans to develop swimmers, our teachers adapt each activity to suit each child. Our baby-led swimming approach ensures that your child’s needs are expertly fulfilled – never forcing development, but rather nurturing it to ensure a positive experience and love of swimming.

Baby and Pre-School Classes

Baby and Pre-School Classes

Our wonderful Baby & Pre-School programme is offered through six levels:

Floaties (0-6 months): We welcome babies from birth who love the freedom of movement and buoyancy that water offers. In these classes, important signals are introduced to create the basis for the coming levels. Parents also enjoy magical bonding time.

Splashers (6-15 months): Your child will be gaining a stronger back and greater head control, giving them the opportunity for swimming with woggles and jumping in. They particularly love to splash and blow bubbles.

Kickers (15 months – 2.5 years):Toddlers love to splash, jump in, kick their legs and chase the toys as well as interact with the other children in our fun games and activities. Most are extremely comfortable with taking little swims on their own, both with woggles and unaided. If your toddler hasn’t been to Puddle Ducks before they will start in Kickers (up to age 2 and a half)

Little Dippers (2-5 years):Your child is beginning to enjoy the water with some new-found independence, often extremely proud of themselves as they realise they can do so much on their own: they can enter and exit the water safely and learning to swim short distances unaided.

Dippers (2-5 years)

Dippers (2-5 years)

Dippers (2-5 years)

Focussing on co-ordination and propulsion… although they don’t know it and with bags of confidence, they will have lots of fun! Balls, woggles and floats are used to improve alignment and style whilst confident jumping in makes an enormous splash! Your youngster will now initiate their own swimming and before long, their small swims get longer. Children at this level have previously been assessed in Little Dippers classes.
Dabblers (3-5 years)
This level is when you watch from poolside as your independent swimmer goes from strength to strength: a momentous occasion for both of you. We help them develop their balance and co-ordination further, to move smoothly and efficiently through the water. At this point, our swimmers also start to learn life-saving skills. Children at this level must have previously been assessed at Dippers classes.
We also run termly underwater photoshoots to capture magical moments on your Puddle Ducks journey.

We also run Aquanatal classes for mum’s-to-be.
The Puddle Ducks journey can even be started before your little bundle of joy arrives. Our Aquanatal classes offer the perfect balance of relaxation, laughter and exercise in the soothing comforts of water. This is the ideal mental and physical preparation for meeting your new baby.

All you need to know – Treetops Cottages

39 Station Road, Grasby, Barnetby, Lincolnshire, DN38 6AP

We can’t wait to welcome you to Puddle Ducks at Treetops Cottages – in the meantime, here’s some information that we hope you will find useful. Have a splashtastic time!

Location: Treetops Cottages & Spa

Parking: Parking is available on site and we ask that customers from each class park in designated areas to prevent double parking. Please park as close to the cars next to you and in front of/behind you to maximise the space. 


  • We run three core swimming programmes. Each is tailor-made to give your child confidence in the water and to teach them the technique to grow and become strong swimmers.

    • Baby & Pre-school (for babies and children aged 0-4 years);Swim Academy (for children aged 4-10 years); Aquanatal (for mums-to-be).
    • Here are all the details you need to help choose the right programme for you and your child. If you want more details, your local Puddle Ducks team will be more than happy to help and give you the information you need.
    • A well-fitting neoprene swim nappy must be worn with a disposable swim nappy or one of our environmentally friendly NappyWraps & Liners underneath if your child is in Floaties, Splashers or Kickers and in other programmes if they are not yet fully potty/toilet trained. Why not buy one of our great value Starter Packs which contain everything you need for your swim lesson. 

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